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IMO Tech Training is an online, global learning platform that offers anyone from anywhereaccess to online IT courses with worldwide recognized certificates. Considering the importance of learning skills, IMO TechTraining envisions a society where anyone has access to transform their lives just by registering in some simple courses. More than 800 professionals have excelled in their IT careers with the help of IMO Tech Training. Our students have gained jobs from huge corporations like Deloit, Accenture, Amazon, etc.

What We Do

Doing right things right, we work with clients to provide reliable, scalable and easy to manage IT Solutions for their business needs.

Experience working for various government agencies, including but not limited to VA, DOD, DHS , DOL, USPS, USED & more.

Your technology needs to be as flexible as your business, so we developed our IT support program to meet your business needs.

IMO Tech provides a large collection of managed cloud services you can use for storing, managing and processing data and applications.

We strive to understand the client business needs by paying close attention to their business requirements and how they intend to use the information.


IMO Tech is a Washington DC Metropolitan area-based business with a focus on Information Technology (IT) and Cyber Security,

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