IT Consultancy

Our management philosophy is simple and is an integral part of our values: doing right things right, the first time IMO Tech Solutions work with clients to provide reliable, scalable and easy to manage Security Solutions for their business needs. We strive to understand the client business needs by paying close attention to their business requirements and how they intend to use the information.


Strategic Consulting

A complex & dedicated role focusing only on managing strategic risks. Littlefish’s CISO-as-a-Service (CISOaaS) offers our clients the option of having a professional Information Security expert in the role of the CISO, as an outsourced position.

Cyber Security

Also, known as “ethical hacking”, this service simulates an attack on applications, networks or platforms and works to identify any possible security loop-holes, or vulnerabilities that real hackers could exploit.

Cloud Consulting

Cyber Essentials Readiness includes current compliance level assessment, technical risk assessment, and vulnerability testing to ensure your organisation is capable of meeting the demands of the Cyber Essentials certification.


Sometimes it’s investing in technology and sometimes it’s investing in our people, the key to being successful is knowing when the time’s right to invest in either or both. Our commitment to clients includes the following:

  • Security – We ensure your data is secure and limit the risk of it being stolen.
  • Scalability – We consider the client’s future growth and accommodate the potential for an increase in usage.
  • Cost – We offer affordable solutions at affordable cost.

IMO-Tech Solutions’ Vulnerability Assessment aims at scanning our client’s current IT environments for known vulnerabilities. It reviews their current security posture in relation to those identified vulnerabilities. Information Technology systems are frequently released into the production environment with bugs and misconfigurations and due to rapidly changing technology, it is very difficult for system administrators to keep up with the technological changes. This results in the overlook of critical security patches and updates. IMO-Tech understands that the processes of installing security updates and patches can be overwhelming, puzzling and time-consuming.

The objective of the Vulnerability Assessment is to provide our clients with an all-inclusive view of potential security flaws in their environment by looking for misconfigurations, unpatched services, open ports and other architectural mistakes. The results of this assessment will be a detailed report of vulnerabilities exposed during the assessment, ranked by criticality, along with an agreed-upon remediation plan with detailed steps to assist in remediating noted vulnerabilities that create a security risk.


We provide full end-to-end solutions for BI implementation, consultancy, development, training, support and maintenance. With a passion for cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solutions, we have modernized BI for corporations across a range of different industries including Travel and Transportation, Retail, and Financial sectors. IMO Tech Solutions have deep knowledge and experience in a multitude of BI tools from SAP, Microsoft and Tableau.

Our business intelligence (BI) consultants provide an all-encompassing service from BI tools, developers and dashboard designers to implementation experts. Our years of experience and in-depth understanding of BI allows us not only to dramatically reduce costs but also vastly improve both the usability and quality of BI, ensuring that it is a strong asset for any company.

Whether you want to upgrade your current BI or want a completely new solution implemented, the IMO Tech Solutions expert team can assist you in BI planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis solutions. Our flexible and extensive business intelligence consulting services can help you understand exactly what your business needs, enabling us to orchestrate an approach that minimizes risk whilst bringing your BI up to speed with the latest in technological advances.

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